We do not ask for membership fees, rent, or donations as we believe it was our choice to purchase a repeater system and it is not your burden to bear. However, if you do wish to donate on your own accord, we’ll take any help we can get. You can do it here by clicking on the link below.  Your donation will then go into a pot that is designated for any future projects, failures, or equipment upgrades, as we have a lot of stuff we are looking forward to accomplishing and want everyone to be a part of.

We just ask that you treat each other well, respect the system and enjoy the company while you’re here.


SPARC System Paypal



We appreciate you!

Thank you: Shawn W.

Without you, there would be no SPARC as it is now. We appreciate your major contribution of the Quantar for this repeater.

Thank you: Gary WJW

Your contribution went straight towards our first Allstar node purchase. We really appreciate your help!

Thank you : Chuck BCM

You were there with us to see where your contributions went on the birth day of SPARC. Thank you again for the LMR600,  the 4 N type adapters, the 100 watt amp donations and all your help!

Thank you : Hart KI6UCN

We appreciate your laptop donation for our Echolink set up, without you we’d be Echolinkless! Thanks so much!

Thank you : Richard DXN

Thank you for the electrical cable you donated to Jonny, we appreciate your contribution!

Thank you : Mark RVX

We appreciate the 100w PA, thanks again for your contribution and support!

Thank you : Jerry HQD

Your Diamond X50 served us well for years on scrapper simplex and we have plans to utilize it now for our back up repeater on Box Springs for SPARC!

Thank you : Scott WMD

Your contribution of the Pyramid power supply for scrapper simplex will now be used for our back up repeater for SPARC on Box, thanks again, we really appreciate it!

Thank you : Richard S.

Your donation is very much appreciated! We are going to let our money pot grow a bit so we can buy some rad stuff! Thank you very much!

Thank you : Andrew YJR

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate your donation so much!

Thank you : Anonymous

We really appreciate your donation of the GM300 radio, we needed an emergency radio for our back up on Box Springs as ours suddenly took a shit. Thanks to your donation we were able to get that up and running as scheduled.

Thank you : Chad ORP

Thank you so much for the Ubiquity wifi bridges, we will be using these for some bad ass All Star shit coming soon!

Thank you : Tony RPG

Thanks so much for your contribution, we have some mighty big plans on the way, you were a huge help in moving that along! Your donation is so very much appreciated!

Thank you : George W.

Thank you thank you thank you so much for your donation! You have helped us come along with some of our big plans and we are so thankful to you for your help!