Operation Cock Block

On Friday Nov 18 at approximately 2048 hrs in Perris, CA, Jonny and I were successful in catching the Driver. In summary, we negotiated a truce where the Driver agreed to stop jamming and we won’t release any personally identifiable information about him. As a result, The Driver will cease and desist. He will no longer jam ANY repeaters. Operation Cock Block completed without incident.

Any monies or equipment received from Henry’s Driver bounty will be used for the benefit of the repeater. We request that any details of the operation and methodologies only be shared in person and those details be left off the air.

I’d like to personally thank EVERYONE who provided me with some sort of telemetry or assistance over the last year even if it was just once. A special thank you to all the SPARC repeater owners for all your support. To everyone that helped, your willingness to take a moment to contribute made all the difference.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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