SPARC Backup

The SPARC backup repeater on Box Springs Mountain is up and ready to go on standby!

Rick and Jonny ran up the hill on Friday to get it set up in what they thought would be a half a days work, but just like anything else in radio, there were quite a few unforseen issues that needed to be handled.  This project took nearly 2 days to finish.  Luckily, unlike the FLG….these guys know shit about building repeaters!

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More AllStar

Here is the RTCM


Currently being setup and tested. This will help us be able to deploy micro repeaters in the future.

Allstar Demo

Just a quick heads up that I was able to get an Allstar node up and operational last night on my Kenwood TMV71a. It’s in local repeat mode to demonstrate its full duplex capability. It’s an R-Pi2 with a URIx and the interfacing is via the 6 pin DATA port on the back of the Kenwood. I’m running the older ACID distro that was ported for R-Pi2.  Next iteration will be on DIAL which has native Pi 2/3 support.  I still have to enable the port forwarding on my home router so that other Allstar nodes can connect. Setting the deviation levels were a piece of cake with the IFR 1200 service monitor and Allstar’s “e-pot” digital interface. Apparently Allstar accepts discriminator audio so it’s managing the audio levels and decoding the PL so you don’t have to worry about the volume or squelch levels on the radio. Freaking rad!  Shout out to Jim Dixon, WB6NIL, for the assist.  Nothing like having the guy that created Allstar as a friend to help out.  More later…


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So for those who care, this repeater is mixed-mode P25 phase 1 capable (C4FM/FDMA/IMBE). It’s not the primary use case but we encourage non-primetime digital use. If you have the wherewithal to figure out the encode NAC (hint: same as decode) then you’re welcome to come and talk to us!

Please use a unique Astro ID and set the premable to 80.  5Khz deviation.


Box Springs Backup

Almost done with the backup for Box Springs Mountain.  Rick and Jonny plan on going up by the end of next week for the install.

If fire breathing dragons break loose on Santiago peak you can rest assure that all your communications on this freq will remain.


Hello Hamsterbaters!


Here you will find regular updates of the goings on of the SPARC repeater system. Please check back frequently to stay up to date on all our new and exciting endeavors.

Since our debut on 7/3/2016 we have been actively working on Allstar. We are in the process of getting a node and hoping to have it set up by the end of July. We are new to Allstar and any advice or help on the subject is welcomed and appreciated.

For more info regarding WTF we are talking about, check this out


Just getting started here on the web, thanks for checking us out and don’t forget to keep checking back with us for updates